How much cost heating on oil?

oil heating

I must warn you from the beginning that heating on oil (diesel) is one of the most expensive heating methods. If you are a big farmer or a driver at a company and you have diesel at your discretion then this is a good solution.

A craft boiler made in Germany on oil starts at 5000 euros, in addition you must consider a diesel tank that depending on the volume starts from 1500 euros. Maintenance is quite expensive, special nozzles, diesel filters. Also the most advanced power plants do not go with cheap fuels, due to the very high sulfur content.

Good but how much does a boiler use on diesel?
In principle to get an idea of ​​consumption we must know that 1 kg of oil has a calorific power of approximately 10 kW so in other words a thermal power plant on diesel of 30 kW power will consume approximately at maximum capacity 3 kg of oil hourly.

Real consumption in a home depends on many factors. I will make an approximate calculation applied to a house to which I know the real and monitored thermal need. An ordinary home, so you can get an idea about consumption. For a house of 180 square meters with an insulation of 15 cm polystyrene, the structure of concrete frames with brick porotherm, with triple glazed windows Salamander below 30% glazed surface of the total surface of the walls, in the area of ​​Bucharest on January 2017 had a consumption of 6115 kWh thermal energy heating plus ACM preparation.

If this house had a diesel boiler, it would have consumed about 611.5 kg of diesel on January, the diesel density being about 0.85 Kg / l we would have had 719 liters of diesel at a price of 1 eur / l so a total of 719 eur.

Fortunately, the house was equipped with a heat pump and the current bill was about 230 eur.

When do you opt for a diesel power plant?

When you have diesel at your discretion

When you already have an installation with an old boiler on diesel and you have a diesel tank.

When you have a holiday home with intermittent use and you have no gas possibility

When you need backup as an emergency solution.

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